We at All Mortgage Loans, know who we represent, our customers/clients and not the bank.
With that in mind, we work with you as if you are family. Not content with a job done, but as a job well done.
Exceeding expectations is the goal and our standard. Aggressively maintaining the highest standards in the 
industry, but also maintaining a high moral code as well.  We strive to attain all the goals of our borrower, by providing the best interest rates in the market.  You can rely on All Mortgage Loans will be there for you.

About Us

Paul Hartz, Owner/President  brings 25 years of experience to his craft.  A Worcester, MA native, he moved his soon to be family to Vero Beach Florida to begin a new chapter and have plenty of sunshine too .  Having worked in large mortgage corporations and to everything small and in between, his Palm Beach County ( Jupiter )
office is home to hone his skills.  Today, he can do ANY loan you may need.

His self proclaimed "purpose in life " was to be a Dad.  While the boys were growing up, Paul was very active in their sports lifestyle,  His oldest a Cal Ripken World Champion with the Jupiter All-Stars. His youngest an accomplished football and rugby player.  He was active in the community and focused on helping the children. Today his focus is on homelessness in children and Veterans.  His passions drive his day and keep him focused.
Often quoted when he had a 2 hour radio and 30 min TV show "Planning for the Future" , its real estate he believes in.  Owning a home is the American Dream , a path to wealth and available to all who want it.  He represents his clients and works hard to not only get the job done, but done well.  It is this passion that coined the phrase " If Paul can't do it, it simply cannot be done" .

All Mortgage Loans is versed in all conventional loans ( FHA, VA, Fannie etc ) and the "outside the box" loans, such as self-employed, bank statements in lieu of tax records, less than perfect credit score, stated income, investment fix and flip loans.  If you are building a home, then the construction and construction perm loans are a particular expertise.

Today he does not regret the path he designed to be in law enforcement did not work out, because he gets to serve in this capacity.  Working viturally, you might not get to meet face to face, but our Clients are still family.  Paul is your mortgage man for life.